Oral Hygiene and Bad Breath

Bad breath (halitosis) has been the subject of a lot of laughter and some pretty bad TV commercials over the years. Yet, if you're like nearly one in five patients dentists see, you know the embarrassment and insecurity it can bring.

There's no one reason for persistent halitosis. You may have the very best dental hygiene in the world, and still suffer from bad breath. Sometimes it's undiagnosed periodontal disease. Or it could be sinus problems or digestive ailments brought on by stress or other factors. Even though the primary cause of persistent halitosis is almost always a treatable medical condition, millions of dollars are spent yearly for mouthwashes and breath fresheners that barely mask the problem, much less solve it.

Because dentists and dental hygienists take halitosis seriously, some offices have established Fresh Breath Centers. These Centers are dedicated to determining the source and extent of a patient's dental health problem and then treating the cause, not simply covering it up.

If halitosis is a problem for you, you are encouraged to visit an office near you. Their approach will be as thorough and as caring as it is with any of other professional dental procedures. You'll begin with a breath gas analysis that identifies and measures odors. Based on the findings, a simple, effective treatment program will be recommended - so you won't have to worry about bad breath again.

If this problem is undermining your self-confidence, practice preventive dentistry and please call a Fresh Breath Center near you for a consultation. You can schedule an analysis, and get back on the road to breathing freely again.

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